Chinook's Edge School Division - School Bus Fee Increase

Chinook's Edge School Division's Superintendent says a new fee of $200 dollars for rural bus riders who are more than 2.4 kilometers from their school will be implemented this fall. Kurt Sacher notes it is part of a new cost-recovery fee model which will also include an increase from just over $300 dollars to $500 dollars for in-town riders.

A new cost-recovery busing fee is being implemented at the start of the 2020-2021 school year by Chinook's Edge School Division.

CESD Superintendent Kurt Sacher says it takes $7.2 million dollars to run their transportation system - both the in town busing and the rural busing combined - however, they only receive $6 million dollars in grants.

Sacher notes there will be an increase for all students who use the Chinook's Edge school bus service and there will be a new fee for rural students riding the bus.

He says the user fees are necessary to balance CESD's transportation budget and the board really wanted to give the public a good number of months heads up notice for the changes in the fall. 

Sacher expects the fees to continue into the foreseeable future.

Visit the transportation section of the website and click on transportation fees to view answers to the frequently asked questions, or to submit any question you may have about the new busing fees.

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