Eagle Beef & Multi 4-H Club Show & Sale Results

The 58th annual show and sale for the Eagle Beef and Multi 4-H Club took place on Monday, June 11th at the Olds Cow Palace.

The Eagle Beef and Multi 4-H Club Achievement Day was held at the Olds Cow Palace on Monday, June 11th..
14 year old William Fisher had the Grand Champion Steer weighing in at 1662 pounds and it sold for $2.85/pound to the Twine Guys. This was Fisher's 4th year in 4-H.
Greg Reese and his brother Barry with the Twine Guys bought William's steer. Greg says they like to support the kids.
Cole Mueller had the Reserve Champion Steer weighing 1488 pounds. This was Mueller's 1st year in 4-H.
Mueller's steer sold for $3.20/pound to Clint & Marsha Aarsby with Aarsby Brothers Red Angus. Clint says they have always supported 4-H.
The donation steer weighed 1684 and was purchased by Shell Caroline for $2.90/pound. Funds raised will support the Alberta Cancer Foundation. 
Meanwhile, Ronald McDonald House will benefit from tis year's donation lamb. It weighed 97 pounds and was purchased by Walbert Ash Farms for $11.50/pound.



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