Fortis Alberta - Summer Time Energy Conservation Tips

The forecast is calling for temperatures in the mid to high 30s later this week and Fortis Alberta is offering a few ways to help reduce the energy demands during the heat wave.

Not running the oven or dryer, keeping blinds closed and planting trees in the yard can help keep your home cool during a heat wave.

That is according to Alana Antonelli the Corporate Communications spokesperson with Fortis Alberta.

Meanwhile, she says there are improvements being made to help power restoration reliability for Olds customers.



Antonelli discusses ways to conserve energy when the temperature rises in the summer.



She adds Fortis Alberta will have those devices implemented for the fall of this year. 

The power went out on Tuesday, August 7th at 6:30pm for a total of about 2900 customers in the town of Olds area. It was restored by 7:30pm.

The cause was a bird hitting a piece of equipment which caused equipment to fail, according to Fortis Alberta.


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