Grain Growers Disappointed With Plan For User Fee Surplus

The Grain Growers of Canada have referred to a recent Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) decision as a missed opportunity to reduce costs for farmers and to moderize the CGC.

Grain growers are disappointed with a plan by the Canadian Grain Commission regarding the user fee surplus of $130 million dollars.

The commission has announced a plan to invest $90 million dollars in "strategic investments'' including grain quality science and innovation.

Grain Growers of Canada President Jeff Nielsen says they are frustrated the user fee was not reduced, however there also needs to be reforms to the Canadian Grain Act.



Nielsen was in Guelph, Ontario last week with fellow agriculture groups for their summer meeting.



He says they have had consensus with their members over the last couple years that the best way to reduce the user fee surplus was to reduce user fees.



Nielsen adds, the Canadian Grain Commission has decided to put $40-million dollars into the contingency fund, and will use $4-million dollars to enhance the fall farmers sample program.

However, producers are still wanting to know how the $86-million dollars will be dealt with. Nielsen says there will be a consultation period deciding ways to use the money.

Meanwhile, Tom Steve, the general manager of the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley, says the money should be returned to farmers in the form of lower inspection fees.

The surplus built up over five years, and happened because grain delivery volumes turned out to be higher than predicted.


(Contains content from the Canadian Press)


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