Hear From A Tim Hortons Camp Alumnus

Tim Hortons Camp Alumnus Shelagh Cole grew up in a low income, single-parent household. She had the opportunity to attend camp when she was 10 years old. Cole is now a nurse, a mother, a wife and a homeowner. She will be volunteering at Camp Day this summer at her local camp in Novia Scotia.

Wednesday, June 5th is Tim Hortons Camp Day.
Camp Alumnus Shelagh Cole says she grew up in a low income, single-parent household.
Cole attended her first summer camp at 10 years old and went for 5 more summers.
She says when you go to camp, there is an abundance of people there who believe in you.
Cole thinks the camp experience changed her life for the better.
In addition to Cole's nursing career, she will be helping out with camp this summer in her current hometown of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia where it is just 3 kilometers away.
She is also married and has two daughters.
100% of proceeds from all coffee sales on Camp Day support the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.
Listen to 96.5 CKFM's entire Camp Day conversation with Shelagh Cole.

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