Local Voter Turnout Numbers

1704 people voted in the 2017 municipal election in the Town of Olds. According to the town, there are 7270 people eligible to vote so the turnout was approximately 23%.

The town of Didsbury had 40 percent voter turnout for the 2017 municipal election.
According to the town, the number of eligible voters for Didsbury is 4122 and the number of votes cast was 1651.
Returning Officer Christofer Atchison is happy with the amount candidates and the activity of the town's voters in this election.
In Olds, according to the town there are approximately 7270 people eligible to vote and just over 17-hundred people voted (1704).
Returning Officer Bill Johnston says that is about the same as the last election.
Meanwhile in Mountain View County, Returning Officer John Rustling discusses their voter turnout.
The town of Innisfail reported 33 percent of its residents voted. Innisfail has 5,932 eligible voters and there was a turnout of 1,951. 
The 2017 Municipal Election results will become official at 12 noon on Friday, October 20th.

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