Olds Lions Club Working With Town To Develop Memorial Forest In Olds Cemetery Expansion

The southern development of the Olds Cemetery is a long term project the town of Olds will implement over the coming decades. Director of Community Services Doug Wagstaff says immediate plans include a memorial forest in partnership with the Olds Lions Club.

The Town of Olds and the Olds Lions Club are working together on the Olds Cemetery expansion.

Director of Community Services Doug Wagstaff says the memorial forest has been a great addition and they are looking forward to finish it off this spring.

He says there are an additional 20 acres to be developed and right now 2 of them are being worked on.

The trees were planted last year - with the Lions sponsoring 110 trees - a gazebo was built in the fall with landscaping to be complete this year. 

Wagstaff says the Lions Club has committed to raising funds over the next two years to cover the $70-thousand dollar cost of gazebo construction and gathering area.

The Lions have also committed to fund $20-thousand dollars toward the cost of the trees. 


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