Olds RCMP - Never Leave Vehicles Unlocked, Unattended & Running

The recent cold weather in Central Alberta has created easy opportunities for criminals to swipe automobiles. Olds RCMP say 4 vehicles have been stolen within the town during the last week.

RCMP say in the last week three trucks and one sport utility vehicle (SUV) were stolen within the town of Olds.

Police note in all four incidents the vehicles were left momentarily unattended, unlocked and running outside of businesses or residences.

Two of the vehicles were equipped with keyless ignition fob systems. Although the fobs were not in the vehicles, as they were left running and unlocked they were easy targets for thieves.

Motorists are reminded to never to leave unattended vehicles running unless they have been started with a remote start system with an ignition shut down function. Unattended vehicles should always be locked to help prevent the vehicle or contents from being stolen.

In 2018, 62 vehicles were stolen from the town of Olds and 39 were taken from the Olds Detachment rural area. Staff Sergeant Jim MacDonald says thieves are opportunists and it takes mere seconds for an unattended, running and unlocked vehicle to be stolen.

One of the stolen trucks - taken on February 6th - was equipped with a GPS tracker and this led police to the location of the truck in a rural area east of Olds. While police searched for the suspect on a residential property, he unsuccessfully attempted to steal an unattended police vehicle which was locked with the keys removed. The suspect was located, arrested and the 36 year old male is facing several charges including theft of the truck and being unlawfully in a dwelling house.

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