Olds RCMP - Oldstoberfest Weekend Recap

Olds RCMP had a busy weekend of patrols during Oldstoberfest 2019 at the Olds Regional Exhibition (ORE) grounds. RCMP say they had additional resources to address increases in vehicle and pedestrian related traffic, as well as addressing attendees requiring police intervention.

Olds, Alberta ~ On September 13th and 14th the annual Oldstoberfest Rodeo was held on the Olds Regional Exhibition grounds. 

Police did have additional resources to address increases in vehicle and pedestrian related traffic as well as addressing attendees conduct requiring police intervention. 

On Saturday, September 14th Mountain Bike Patrol Officers stopped a subject on an Electric Bike for failing to stop for a stop sign.  During the investigation officers noted indicia of drug/alcohol use and noted a black baton-like weapon being hidden by the subject.  Further investigation found that the implement would conduct energy when a button was pressed and touched to a persons skin.  The subject was arrested for possession of the weapon.  A search incidental to arrest located about 2 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine.  Police continue their investigation into this matter and charges have been laid.  Additional charges related to the weapon are being considered at this time.

Police Investigated and charged on two impaired operation of a motor vehicle on the weekend; one of which was a refusal to provide a breath sample.

42 Violation tickets were also issued outside of the grounds on public streets, the bulk of which, were for liquor related violations.

Corporal Shawn Morgan says that may sound like a lot given the number of people who attended, but it is not entirely a large number over two days.

Corporal Morgan adds the bulk of the violations were liquor related, which carry a $115 fine.

He says RCMP are quite happy with how the event unfolded this year.

Olds RCMP say one arrest was made due to heavy intoxication, however this person was released to sober parties at the detachment. 

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