Olds RCMP - School Zone Traffic Enforcement Operations

Olds RCMP will continue with enforcement projects and visibility in the school zones as the school year progresses. The public can expect to see further radar/laser speed and distracted driving operations in these zones.

Olds RCMP remained busy during the week of September 4th with several traffic related enforcement operations throughout Olds and Bowden School Zones including: laser, radar and police visibility.


Each school day, our members were doing stationary and roving traffic enforcement as well as being visible to remind motorists to slow down and pay attention.


There were 5 traffic operations conducted, some with the assistance of Olds Municipal Enforcement, with a focus on speed related offences and distracted driving. 


25 violation tickets were issued by Olds RCMP including several violation tickets issued for significant speeds above the posted limit of 30 km/hr through the school zone.  In one instance, a charge was laid for going 65 km/hr in the posted 30km/hr zone.


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