Terry Fox Run - Results For Water Valley & Olds

The sun was out as local community members showed up to run, walk or cycle in support of the Terry Fox Foundation on Sunday, September 15th.

The Water Valley Terry Fox run over the weekend raised $16,620 dollars.

Organizer Mary Thompson says funds are still coming in, plus the schools will have their run at the end of the month.

Thompson says their Terry Fox Run in Water Valley has become a family tradition for a great cause.

Meanwhile, it was a beautiful day for the Terry Fox Run in Olds.

Noel D'Arcy with the Olds Fire Department says there were about 60 participants.

He says the Fire Hall will become the permanent Terry Fox Run location.

D'Arcy adds, some late donations rolled in on Monday. He says the total amount raised is up by a little bit this year as the Olds Terry Fox Run managed to climb above the $5000 dollar mark.

All of the donations support the Terry Fox Foundation. 

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