Town of Carstairs - 2017 Was A Strong Year For Development

The 2016 census shows a population of 4,077 residents in Carstairs, but Mayor Colby expects that to be around 4,600 now because of the town's continued growth. He and council are hoping they will hear some good news back from Chinook's Edge School Division to expand the elementary school. As for the 2018 budget, council is in the reviewing process. Colby says they are not looking at any increases at this point and the budget should be finalized shortly.

2017 had a total of 144 building permits for the Town of Carstairs.
According to Mayor Lance Colby that number includes new home starts, industrial and commercial developments.
He says the town is keeping up a pace of about 60-70 new homes per year.
Colby says Carstairs is still experiencing growth with young families coming in.


Also in 2018, Colby says Carstairs Council is looking at the Tri-Services Building. He feels it could possibly be a 2019 build.
Colby adds - if the lodge goes ahead with permission and funding this year - that is probably when the Tri-Services building will be built as well. He notes they both will be located in the same area of town where roads, water and sewer infrastructure needs to be developed.

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