Western Canadian Municipal Associations Meet In Edmonton

A meeting was hosted on Friday, August 30th by the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta. It was attended by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association and the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities.

Areas of common concern were recently discussed by the leaders of five associations from the prairie provinces in Edmonton.

Al Kemmere, President of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, says priority items they talked about included the challenges that municipalities have in accessing federal infrastructure funding.

Cannabis was another topic they covered, according to Kemmere.

He says there was limited discussion about the upcoming federal election.

He says there was also discussions about the potential impacts for the prairie provinces of Bill C-69.

Kemmere explains why this is a valuable annual meeting for the prairie provinces.

This meeting has been happening for quite a few years now, according to Kemmere. He notes that these Western Associations work well together and they hope to continue to do so.

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