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Wildrose MP Comments on Feds EI Program Changes

Thursday, May 17th 2012 07:00

Changes to Canada's Employment Insurance program are imminent as the federal budget bill makes its way through the House of Commons.

Canada's federal budget bill has been grabbing attention lately as the government contemplates changes to the EI program.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has come under fire for saying there is 'no such thing as a bad job', which has some Canadians concerned that they'll have to take jobs they're overqualified for or unsuitable for their skill set.

Wildrose MP Blake Richards says the idea behind any changes to the program is to remove the disincentives to work.

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Richards adds that many areas, including Alberta, are facing labour shortages in certain fields. 

He says details about the EI program will be unveiled in the coming months.

Richards disregards the opposition's critiques of these changes, saying that they will provide a win-win situation for Canadians and the economy.

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The increase in Old Age Security eligibility has also been a cause for concern for Canadians as of late.

Richards says he's focusing on providing clarification for what this change means, and that there will be a window of about 15 years to plan for it.


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