Chinook's Edge School Division Lists Top Priorities Ahead Of Provincial Election

Chinook's Edge School Division has listed its top priorities for government ahead of the provincial election. CESD has distributed the priorities in the school newsletters for information throughout the election process.

Chinook's Edge School Division has distributed its top priorities in school newsletters with the hope parents and community neighbours will ensure education is a discussion throughout the election process.
Vice Chair Holly Bilton says the board wanted to give voters ideas for questions on education to ensure adequate supports for students and school communities they serve.
Bilton says one of their priorities is to look at inclusive education
Another CESD priority includes transportation being properly funded. Bilton adds the deficit is often in excess of $800-thousand dollars.
She says the board has some key priorities they hope will be looked at by whichever government is elected on April 16th.
Safe and effective facilities is also another priority of CESD.

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