Core Ag Inputs - Summer Crop Update

Agronomist Rebecca Wiebe with Core Ag Inputs says the moisture has been really good for crops this year. She adds, the big difference between 2019 and this year is there has actually been some heat - even though temperatures have been relatively cool compared to the seasonal averages.

An agronomist with Core Ag Inputs in Carstairs says - knock on wood - crops are looking fantastic as the month of July begins.

Rebecca Wiebe expects to see fields of yellow across the country side pretty soon as canola is starting to bolt in its reproductive phase.

She adds, cereals are coming on pretty quick as well.

Wiebe notes it has also been a very busy, very compressed year for growers who went from the harvest from hell taking until the spring to wrap up, to then having to jump right into seeding without a break.

In terms of care, Wiebe notes they are winding down on the in-crop herbicide.

Wiebe says the crops in their area escaped mostly unharmed from the June 13th hail storm that devastated the north end of Calgary.

Core Ag covers an area down to the outskirts of Calgary, west to Cochrane, the west country, up through Didsbury to a bit of Olds and then both sides of Highway 2 east of Crossfield, Carstairs and Didsbury.

She says the June 13th storm took a bit of a weird bounce.

Wiebe says Core Ag found a way to make it work and was able to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Core Ag Inputs is a full service ag retailer providing crop inputs like fertilizers, seeds and pesticides for crop protection. She adds, they also offer scouting services, soil testing and provide custom application too.


96.5 CKFM spoke with Rebecca Wiebe on June 26th.

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