COVID-19 Pandemic Creates "Different Experience" For Ecole Olds High School Principal

Principal Tom Christensen has promised the Class of 2020 at Ecole Olds High School that they will have a grad celebration as soon as it is safe, and as soon as they figure out how they can do it.

It is a very different week at Ecole Olds High School for Principal Tom Christensen.

He says it has been a whirlwind over the last couple of weeks. One day - he notes - EOHS was a high school where 600 kids walked in the building everyday and then suddenly due to COVID-19 they were limited to offering classes online.

"What about grad for the Class of 2020?" - that is the million dollar question, according to Principal Christensen.

He adds, it is amazing how quickly society has just changed.

OHS still has office staff there to answer the phone and Christensen says he comes in everyday, but most of their teachers are working remotely.


96.5 CKFM's Melanie Hepp spoke to Principal Tom Christensen on Thursday, March 26th.

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