Hear Olds Beer Fest Recap With ORE's Tracy Gardner

Tracy Gardner with the Olds Regional Exhibition feels quite strongly their volunteer committee will be excited to talk about a potential third edition of the Olds Beer Festival - especially given the overwhelming attendance success this year and the support from the vendors.

The 2017 Olds Beer Festival saw about a 400 per cent increase in visitors over the inaugural edition.

Tracy Gardner with the Olds Regional Exhibition says more 400 people attended the Saturday, June 24th event at the Cow Palace.

From their ticket sales, she notes it drew visitors from north of Red Deer to south of Calgary and showed a really good level of support from the Central Alberta region.
Gardner attributes the increase to three factors.

She says 15 vendors participated.
The inclusion of wine & spirits was a big hit this year, according to Gardner.
What did she like best about this year's Olds Beer Fest?
How did the ORE's new commercial kitchen capabilities add to the event's success?
If there are proceeds from the Olds Beer Festival where do they go? Will there be proceeds?
Gardner was asked will there be an Olds Beer Fest 3?
Gardner says in event production you are always looking at ways to elevate and enhance the experience. So as far as changes for the future go they will continue to find ways to promote, continue to find ways to engage their customers with the vendors and think about a potential evening activity for the Olds Beer Fest that captures a cabaret feel.

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