Mountain View County, Town of Olds Complete ICF Process

An Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) between Mountain View County and the town of Olds is now completed. On Wednesday, January 8th both municipal councils passed resolutions at the County office to notify the Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs that the ICF has been formalized.

Mountain View County and the town of Olds completed their ICF process at a special council meeting on Wednesday, January 8th.

Reeve Bruce Beattie explains the purpose of the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework.

He believes Mountain View County and the town have come a long way in this process to understand the different challenges that they face together as municipalities - and realizing the advantage of working together to meet those challenges.

Reeve Beattie says the ICF document is a requirement under the new Municipal Government Act (MGA) and it sets down the operating relationship between Mountain View County and the town of Olds.

Olds Mayor Michael Muzychka says it is a great honour to see the province recognize the efforts of previous councils and administration from both municipalities.

Mayor Muzychka adds, it is a great document and they are glad to have signed it.

He thanks everyone involved in the process.

Reeve Beattie was asked if there were costs involved in formalizing the ICF for the two municipalities.

Next up for the two municipalities in 2020 is finalizing a new Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) that the respective councils and administration have been working on for many months.

Meantime, Reeve Beattie discusses where things stand in terms of ICF talks with the other municipalities in Mountain View County.

He notes the County has already finished a similar process with the village of Cremona. Within the next few months, Reeve Beattie anticipates the County will finalize resolutions with Sundre, Didsbury and Carstairs as well.

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