Mountain View Strength And Conditioning - CrossFit Fundraiser/Competition

Since closing its doors on March 17th due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mountain View Strength and Conditioning in Olds has been trying to keep everyone motivated and active by posting "at home" workouts daily. Curr says you can also participate in a global CrossFit fundraiser/competition which is about to start on April 3rd.

Mountain View Strength and Conditioning in Olds is encouraging anyone looking for a way to stay fit and get active to participate in a global CrossFit fundraiser/competition. 

Sasha Curr says go to the website to sign up.

Curr says the competition also allows you to make a donation to your local gym if you would like. Choose Olds CrossFit to support them.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she says they had to close their gym on March 17th.

Follow Mountain View Strength and Conditioning on Facebook and Instagram to see the daily "at home" workouts they post.


96.5 CKFM's Melanie Hepp spoke to Sasha Curr on Monday, March 30th.

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