Town Of Didsbury - Council Approves 2020 Tax Rate Bylaw

Didsbury council passed the town's 2020 tax rate bylaw this week. According to Mayor Rhonda Hunter, the residential tax rate was approved at 8.225 which is down from 8.466 last year. She adds, the non-residential tax rate in Didsbury was approved at 8.769 which is down from 8.918 in 2019.

Didsbury council passed the town's 2020 tax rate bylaw on Tuesday, May 26th.

Mayor Rhonda Hunter has the details.

She adds this is a very difficult economic time in Alberta, so council thought it was important to bring in 3.3 per cent less revenue from taxes to give residents some tax relief.

Mayor Hunter notes Didsbury's playgrounds, skatepark and basketball court have recently been reopened. Coming up on Monday, June 1st the town office and the campground will reopen.

Visit the town of Didsbury website for information about the guidelines and recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while using those facilities.

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