Town of Didsbury - Major Renovations Continuing At Didsbury Memorial Complex Arena

Manager of Community Services Nicole Aasen says they experienced some unanticipated issues during the major renovations at the Didsbury Memorial Complex arena with the discovery of an additional two cement slabs under the sand, insulation and dirt of the 1976 cement pad that had been removed. She notes these cement pads were remnants of the 1975 fire that had burned down the town's arena and were the cause of issued that have been experienced of the ice shifting and lifting, which created safety issues for user groups.

The major renovations are continuing at the Didsbury Memorial Complex.

They include cement pad replacements, new brine lines and arena boards.

Manager of Community Services Nicole Aasen says the renovations are coming along, but they definitely have experienced some unanticipated issues.

Aasen adds, the project contractor is expecting the facility opening timeline to be sometime in later November.

She says user groups like Didsbury Minor Hockey and the Heritage Junior Hockey League's Mountain View Colts are looking for ice in other communities.

They have been pretty successful in being accommodated within Mountain View County and other spot, according to Aasen.

She notes they are grateful to those arenas who are helping out during this time, but the town of Didsbury is looking forward to having all of its users back as soon as possible.

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