Town Of Didsbury Works On Backyard Flocks Bylaw

Manager of Legislative and Development Services, Christofer Atchison, says some of the items expected in the bylaw will be amount of animals allowed, noise restrictions, and the type of animals that are classified under allowable livestock.

Approximately five to seven houses within the Municipality of Didsbury have backyard flocks such as chickens and other poultry.
Christofer Atchison, Manager of Legislative and Development Services for the town, says there are no real clear bylaws in place to monitor and/or enforce the usages of backyard flocks and what breeds of livestock is kept there.
He adds there is a land use bylaw that disqualifies animals such as cows, horses and other larger livestock but for the most part though it has not been a big issue in the town.
Atchison says Didsbury Town Council has directed administration to put together the backyard flocks bylaw. He adds it will take a month or two to accomplish that task and the bylaw will be brought to council at a future meeting.

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