Town Of Olds - Budget 2020 Booklet

As part of a Corporate Strategic Goal to improve communication with citizens and stakeholders, town of Olds administration has prepared a Budget 2020 Booklet. Sheena Linderman, Director of Finance, says it includes key highlights from the 2020 Operating and Capital Budgets.

The town of Olds has released its first budget overview to the community.
Sheena Linderman, Director of Finance, explains what is in the 2020 Budget Booklet.
She notes this is the first year the town of Olds has produced this type of booklet in order to help create transparency for the budget process.
The 2020 Budget Report is only 18 pages long and each section features "Did You Know" snippets that provide a summary of key information related to the topic.
It can be viewed on the website.


(An info snippet from the 2020 Budget Booklet)

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