Learning From A Legend: Duane Steele

When I hear Duane Steele songs, I have one vivid memory: I was 16 years old and studying for a Canadian History exam. I listened religiously to the big Country station out of Winnipeg, QX104FM, and one of the hottest songs on the chart at the time was Duane's "Stuck On Your Love". They spun the HECK outta that song. I remember the line "...out in the alley and alley-oop, but I'm stuck...stuck on your love..." hooked me from the get go. I remember sitting in my room, studying for that exam, and listening to Duane Steele on the radio. He was, at that time, one of my top 2 or 3 favourite artists on the radio, and to this day remains one of my all time favourite artists and songwriters, especially since I've come to appreciate what he brought to Canadian Country music over the years.

The honest truth, when it comes to sitting down for a chat with guys like Duane, is it's really hard for me to find the words and know exactly what I want to talk to them about. It was the same situation when we had Charlie Major in studio. These guys have accomplished SO much, and inspired so many of today's artists to go out and create great music. I could probably spend an hour just picking their brain about music, but of course, we only have 10 or 15 minutes, at most.

It was an honour and a privilege to get Duane Steele on the phone today and ask him about music then, and music now, and what he's got coming up in the near future.


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